Touch of Velvet 90mm Bullet

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Touch of Velvet Rose Blush 90mm Bullet Vibrator from Rocks Off Toys. the extra length of its shaft can caress those hot spots begging not to be left out. Hold it sideways and press deep vibrations into your favorite places to feel shuddering climaxes that leave you gasping for more. When with a partner, use your bodies to hold it on your clitoris during your most intimate moments, doubling the trembles that have you grasping each other close. Also, a tapered tip channels the pulsing vibration patterns to where you need them most. Whether you want to go in strong and fast, or treat yourself to a long and building climax that surges down to your toes, there are 3 speeds and 7 vibration settings to give you what you crave. Your next bath or shower can be truly revitalizing: enjoy a 100pct waterproof and fully submersible vibe that lets time slip by with each divine explosion. What is more, your life is made simpler when it comes to changing the battery as it takes a AAA battery, often easy to find around the home when passion strikes. Enjoy this silver bullet vibrator's dazzling looks in three colors; blue, pink and purple. When you want to shoot to thrill with a compact vibrator that packs an array of ways to feel pure bliss, choose the RO-90mm. Features: tapered tip for precision stimulation. 90mm length body. 3 constant speeds and 7 vibration patterns. 100pct waterproof and fully submersible. Bullet vibrator 1 AAA battery, included.

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